General information

Any changes or cancelations made within 10 days or less will incurre a fee of CHF 100.- . Changes or cancellations during you stay, must be made by notifying the ski school office before 5.00 p.m. the previous day, otherwise the full price will be charged.

Our instructors teach in all types of weather. Lessons will not be given nor charged in rare cases when ski conditions are impossible, decided by the ski school management.

The ski school does not accept responsibility for any arrangements made directly with our instructors.

Liability: The ski school cannot be held liable or responsible for any type of accident that may occur during your time with one of our instructors or guides. We highly recommend that you have your own insurance.

Ski school ticket or bookings are not transferable, Rembursement can only be claimed in cases of accident or illness, with proof of a certificate from a local doctor. No refund will be given for unused tickets.

The prices are stated on the website of Ski School Rougemont.

Your personal datas will be treated confidentially and used only for internal purposes. The Rougemont Ski School reserves the right to take photographs during activities and to use them without compensation. Upon request, personal data/photos will be blocked or deleted. We operate based on the EU Security regulation (EU-DSGV).