Private lessons - Snowboarding in Gstaad and Rougemont

Whether you are wanting to strap into a snowboard for the first time or you want to hone your technical skills, Ski School Rougemont is the ultimate choice. Our top-level, private snowboarding instructors are trained to assess your ability level and adapt the lesson to help you maximize your learning experience. We are available for all levels and we emphasize the importance of having fun on the slopes. After all the main reason we all want to ride is to have fun! Our highly qualified private guides are available for traditional lessons, backcountry snowboarding, heli-boarding, or as a friendly and knowledgable companion to help you discover Gstaad, Rougemont, and all of Saanenland. 

Transportation to and from your place of residence is always included in our service, all you have to do is book now!

Prices for a private snowboard instructor:

Full day
1 day: 450 CHF - 9am - 4pm (max. 5 hours)
1 day unlimited : 560 CHF 
1/2 day short : 300 CHF - 9h - 12h 
1/2 day long : 395.00 CHF - 9.30 am - 1 pm
1/2 day : 300 CHF - 1pm - 4pm
1/2 day : 290 CHF - 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm