Private lessons in Gstaad and Rougemont

Book now for a private lesson that is specifically designed for your ability level and desires.

Our private ski instructors from Gstaad offer an unmatched 5 star service that you will not find anywhere else. All of our ski instructors are trained to asses your ability level and then adapt the program to give you the safest and most constructive lesson on the mountain. We will help you to improve your skiing technique at any ability level. If you are a beginner we will start from zero; all of the equipment and theory will be explained clearly and in detail so that you will be completely comfortable once you hit the slope. For intermediate and advanced skiers our private ski instructors will analyze your techniques and curate a lesson plan to help you improve on any weaknesses that you might have. Every exercise will be completely customized to help you improve and enjoy the slopes.
If you are just looking for a guide to the best spots on the mountain our private instructors can show you the way. Local and knowledgeable of the area, our instructors can bring you to the spots with less people and better snow. Additionally we can arrange ski safaris, where you can explore other ski resorts in the region, as well as free ride ski touring programs.
Ski School Rougemont is a full service ski school. We strive to make your experience easy and hassle free. We gladly help you with your equipment, carry your skis to the slope as well as arrange the booking for your afternoon lunch reservation. Whatever your request may be, we can work to accommodate it. Book now for the best private ski instructors in all of Gstaad, Rougemont, and Saanenland. 

Prices for Private Ski teacher:

Full day
1 day: 450 CHF - 9am - 4pm (max. 5 hours)
1 day unlimited : 560 CHF 
1/2 day short : 300 CHF - 9h - 12h 
1/2 day long : 395.00 CHF - 9.30 am - 1 pm
1/2 day : 300 CHF - 1pm - 4pm
1/2 day : 290 CHF - 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm